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Sunday, September 26th at 6pm $10 per Person/Max $45 per Family

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Culture Night is one of the biggest events we put on to enjoy, learn, celebrate and promote the richness and diversity of Culture that God creates! It will be a beautiful experience, emphasizing opening doors and welcoming people who live in different cultures. And, of course, we will have some AWESOME Asian American Cuisine! This year will be special as we will get a glimpse of the culture of South America, including professional contemporary and tango music ensemble, “Oscar Quintet”. You can’t miss it! 


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contact Pastor Jungmo Koo



Asian-American ministries members have multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational backgrounds. When we are in an environment with various cultural, linguistic, and generational influences, God still allows us to be united with one another through our center, Jesus Christ.